At FABTECH in Atlanta, MultiCam CNC Routers, Plasma, and Waterjet will take center stage.

MultiCam Inc., a subsidiary of Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS), will exhibit three of its powerful, market-leading CNC machines at this year’s expo in Atlanta, Georgia.

“We’re all pleased to make our debut presence at North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event,” said Matt Thackray, VP and General Manager of Kongsberg PCS operations in America. “The expo provides us with an excellent opportunity to meet with our customers, colleagues, and industry partners at an event that is rightfully characterized as a simple one-stop shop for customers.”

“We’re excited to use our exhibit to provide visitors a close-up look at our unique solutions and help them find the tools they need to improve productivity and profits,” he added.

The MultiCam team will be doing live demos from their exhibit in the finishing-focused Hall B of FABTECH at the Georgia World Congress Center to highlight the power, precision, and performance of three different machines. According to Russell Boudria, MultiCam’s Director of Product Management, the team is pleased to meet with customers in person and demonstrate the performance, quality, and value of the machines that are proudly ‘American Made.’

“The Apex 3R CNC router will be at the core of our display, and we’ll show how businesses can benefit from a number of capabilities that come standard with the machine that they could otherwise only obtain when purchasing much more expensive routers,” Russell explained. “It has a hefty, all-steel tube structure that provides endurance and rigidity, reducing vibration and improving routing quality.” The Apex 3R has the EZ Control operator interface, allowing users to begin routing with minimal interruption to work operations, and a three-axis motion control system provides tight control over routing quality for precision and quality cutting.”

The Apex 3R will be outfitted with the MultiCam High Speed Kinetic Blower and the iVision Dust Collection system to demonstrate the efficiency and operational improvements that businesses may expect.

“We’ll also be running our 3000 Series CNC Plasma table with its durable all-steel plate frame that easily supports any regular or high-definition plasma unit,” Russell explained. The strong frame also ensures that operators experience almost no vibration when cutting, which improves accuracy, and the high-speed contouring technology ensures that corners do not require extra and costly time to cut to precision.”

The team will also demonstrate how the 3000 Series’ integrated material database saves time by automatically changing and establishing settings such as feed-rate, pierce delay, pierce height, and more to match the selected material. “What’s more, the downdraft table removes all dust and debris, giving operators a clear working surface and allowing them to do their finest work,” Russell added.

The Hypertherm XPR170, which enhances plasma capabilities and opportunities and enables next generation X-DefinitionTM processes from extremely thin to mid-range thicknesses, will be added to the 3000 Series. “With unrivaled X-DefinitionTM cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, the XPR170 boosts cut speed, drastically improves productivity, and reduces operating costs,” Russell explained. “We’ll show how our new user-friendly features and engineering system optimization make XPR easier to manage with minimal human engagement, while ensuring optimal performance and unrivaled reliability.”

The 1000 Series CNC WaterJet, the ideal platform for accurate and quality cuts for heat-sensitive procedures, will round out the MultiCam display. “Cutting using a Waterjet is advantageous since it does not create any heat-affected zones, which might potentially lead to twisted material,” Russell explained. “Our EZ Control G-Code and Coreo software offer a simple but effective workflow for both novice and experienced operators, while the intuitive CAD/CAM software allows businesses to draw, program, and cut all inside the same program.”

The demonstrations will show the versatility, ease of use, and precision of cutting and routing a variety of metals and other materials such as acrylic, aluminum, sign foam/precision board, canvas, and PVC.

Visit the MultiCam team at Booth #B8167, Hall B at FABTECH, from November 8-10 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, to witness the MultiCam Apex3R, 3000 Series CNC Plasma table, and 1000 Series CNC WaterJet in action, or to discuss your CNC routing needs.